Welcome To Fenway Park America`s Most Beloved Ballpark!

4 years ago

If you live in Boston or visit Boston and are a fan of baseball, you should definitely try to get yourself into a Sox (that is the Red Sox) game. Tickets can get up there in price, particularly since they won some championships in recent years and have expanded their seating arrangements -- but you can get a standing room only ticket for like $19. Overall it`s an experience and the park is gorgeous just to see in person.

My boyfriends mothers friend had given her some tickets last minute since they were not able to go to the game -- so his mother offered me and him a ticket and she asked if her niece would like to go. Plans set in action, we went off to the game this past Monday. The last time I went to a Sox game Johnny Damon (my favorite ball player ... but not anymore since he became a trader and went to the dark side - aka the Yankees) was on the team. I`d say this was ... errr 10 years ago? ANYWAY!

Fenway park was built April 20, 1912 and is coined to be America`s Beloved Ballpark. It`s also one of the oldest ball parks that was built and STILL in use to this day! It`s of course gone through renovations (seat additions, etc.) here and there but it still looks and feels the same way it did way back when it was built. The park itself is in the heart of Boston, surrounded by businesses and parking garages. During games police and the city shut down Yawkey way which is where a number of the parks gates (entry/exit) are lined up on. The street behind the park houses smaller businesses and at one point a small night club. It`s known to never park your car there during game times because if someone hits a home run, you may score great with a broken windshield or a dented car.

During this visit to Fenway, I sat the closest I have ever been while at a Sox game. We were 3rd row to the left of 3rd base. AMAZING seats and quite expensive ones at that. At one point a ball that went foul was shot off into our area and instead of trying to catch the ball I covered my face preparing for potential impact since it was coming right at me. My boyfriend moved in front of me and the ball went right through his hands, hit the concrete casing on the lip beneath the chair and bounced down to the rows in front of us where the kid snatched the ball and pocketed it. Bummer!

As I`ve said, if you`re ever in Boston and are a fan of baseball or truly want to experience what true Bostonians enjoy check into a trip to Fenway. A great time AND you`ll get to work on your tan if the weather cooperates ;).

BTW - the Citgo sign is not IN Fenway, its behind it but in aerial shots you can see it and it`s a big thing.

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