Weird but yummy foods

3 years ago

These are some of the foods or combinations of foods I love eating.

The main picture is of Portuguese blood sausage ... yes BLOOD sausage. Its so tasty with eggs (especially with the yolk still runny) .. and some toast .. Yumm

Another favorite of mine is Eel (Unagi) sushi, with eel sause soaked in it. This dish is a little common but still a little weird. I just discovered eel sushi about a year ago and im in love. If you have never had sushi, try something with eel in it first. Dont worry its cooked.

Weird combinations:
peanut butter and potato chips .. dont knock it if you havent tried it .. its heaven
peanut butter and marshmellow sandwiches .. the sweetest yummiest sandwich ever... you will never eat pb&j again .. lol
celery and peanut butter or cream cheese .. a little commom but still its delicioso
do you see a peanut butter theme goin on .. lol
DILL PICKLES WITH CREAM CHEESE AND BACON WRAPPED AROUND IT ...( the only thing its missing is peanut butter .. jk)

do tell me .... what is your favorite odd food ..i would really love to try new things ..

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