Weight Watchers Snack amp Cookbook Haul

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">This is a quick little Weight Watchers haul I did during my weigh-in last week.&nbsp; A coworker of mine had been telling me about these protein shakes that are available online that are made from Nectar so they don`t have all the added fat and sugars in them that other protein shakes on the market have.&nbsp; I looked into them and found the pricing was a lot higher than the protein-based smoothies available at Weight Watcher weigh-in locations.&nbsp; Sure, there isn`t a box that has assorted flavors, but I`d rather pay $5-7 for a box then $20 for an assorted pack of 12 for $20+.&nbsp; So with that, I decided to pick up the Creamy Chocolate smoothie because I have the coconut and the salted caramel at home.&nbsp; This way I can mix it up and not be bored -- plus chocolate and banana are my favorite smoothies!&nbsp; I also grabbed a box of popped chocolate crisps because who doesn`t love popcorn-type snacks/desserts with
chocolate? Last but nto least, I grabbed a half-price cookbook:&nbsp; I &lt;3 Leftovers.&nbsp; I admit I`m a sucker for Weight Watchers cookbooks and I had been looking for meal ideas that I could make extra of and pre-portion and freeze to eat on days where there isn`t really anything to eat.</div>
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