Weight Watchers - Teriyaki Chicken meal

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">I purchased this Weight Watchers Teriyaki Chicken meal at the grocery store because it was one of the new items Weight Watchers had come out with in their refrigerated meals line.&nbsp; I tend to like the refrigerated meals and have found quite a few of them that I purchase every once in a while as a back-up meal to have in the fridge in case needed.&nbsp; Well, I can start this off by saying I as NOT planning on eating this for dinner yesterday. My dinner tumbled out of the fridge and came to a big, gooping mess on the kitchen floor -- so dinner plans were out the window along with my calm demeanor (LOL).&nbsp; I was rather annoyed because considering I am a Weight Watchers member I had pre-planned my dinner the night before.&nbsp; Sooo.... I threw this in the microwave while my boyfriend got himself a BLT at the local subshop.&nbsp; And I have to say, this was awful.&nbsp; It was completely plain tasting, the chicken had no
seasoning to it, the "teriyaki" flavor was completely missing and it tasted like bland, nothingness.&nbsp; I can say, I won`t be repurchasing this again ...it just did not live up to expectations.</div>
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