Weight Watchers - Meatloaf Meal

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">I purchased this Weight Watchers meatloaf meal at my local grocery store to have in the fridge in case I needed something to eat and there wasn`t anything in the day-to-day dinner/lunch plans.&nbsp; This is one of the Weight Watchers meals which is refrigerated, which means it contains far less sodium in comparison to a frozen meal.&nbsp; I was a little leery since meatloaf if something I`ve only ever eaten homemade and I`m generally picky about my meatloaf - liking only mine or my mothers (grandma`s recipe).&nbsp; Secondly, I never eat gravy on my meatloaf - I tend to eat it with ketchup on it.&nbsp; BUT I can say this was pretty good and I did quite enjoy it.&nbsp; The potatoes were tasty and I believe they are real potatoes - not the instant kind.&nbsp; The meatloaf was good -- but with the gravy it reminded me more of a salisbury steak.&nbsp; But overall, it was filling and pleasing on the palette.</div>
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