Weight Watcher # 3 Weight loss

4 years ago

So when I stated the Wendie plan 2 weeks ago, my current weight then was 170-173 for the last 4 weeks. On the week of wendie I was at 170-171 and it would not budge. The first week was a sucess, down 1.8 pounds which was a huge deal for me because I havent had a loss in a while, 168.4. I was excited that I was not in the 170`s anymore. I continued my wendie plan the second week and this week was a bad week. Went out to eat 2 times and I believe I had too many High points day which lead to no loss but a .4 gain, 168.8. Im okay with that because with eating all my daily points and weekly points that week and only a .4 gain inst bad, not great but not bad.

So this week, 3rd week, didn`t feel like doing the Wendie plan because I my body had more than enough " shock " to it so it wont hit a plateau? So this week I`m going back just eating my daily`s and maybe 10 or less of my weekly and upping my workout.

On monday, I ran 4 miles, it was a good day for me. I have good and bad days when it comes to running. Some days when im feeling great, I can run forever and other days not even a mile. It just really depends on your mood and energy. Maybe doing 30 mintue yoga before heading to the gym helped? NO idea.

I posted a picture of me post workout =]. Woke up this morning with my body sore like crazy so I might treat myself to a massage ( $20/hour) at an Asian place!

I hope you guys have a good productive day!!

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