Weight Loss Tip: Sort Your Food!

Whenever You buy chips, cereal, or anything that doesnt already come in pre-packaged serving sizes, do it yourself! You an even do this with fruit or vegetables. My mom actually taught me to do this, and I always thought she was crazy! Anytime I buy chips or cereal, I take sandwich or snack bags (depending on the size) and sort them by serving sizes.
There are actually two benefits to sorting your food like this:

1. Obviously, you dont overeat. No more taking the whole bag and sitting in front of the TV. Just grab a small bag, and you know for sure you wont over eat!

2. This actually helps you keep your food longer. Since you arent over eating, youre saving your food to last longer. Typically a bag of chips would normally last me three days, tops. Since Ive been doing this, a bag can last me well over a week.

Well, thats my first tip! Hope you guys like!

Do any of you do this? Am I the only one?

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