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Hey dolls,

My cousin is getting married this June and I need to look perfect in my dresses for this special day.
Lots of pictures will be taken that day and I want to be part of them; but I hate pictures because I feel insecure. I feel insecure because of by body: I need to loose 1Okg (22lbs).

I currently weight 56kg (123.2lbs) for 156cm (5`2) so I need to change my habits now!
Do you want to join me and share our results, that could motivate me and you =)

¤ First, let`s talk about FOOD.
I got to remove numerous food from my diet.
Indeed I have to say NO to all the fattening food such as junk food, processed food, sweets, crisp, fried food etc.
I must eat more vegetables and cut off on sodas and sweet beverages.
During this week, I`ll try not to eat after lunch. That is to say: Goodbye Dinner!
THIS WEEK`S MENU ( Breakfast / Lunch)
Monday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Vegetables
Tuesday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Vegetables
Wednesday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Vegetables
Thursday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Vegetables
Friday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Vegetables
Saturday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Salad + special sauce
Sunday: Cornflakes + fruits + milk / Salad + special sauce

Monday: 3o Jumping Jacks, 1o Crunches
Tuesday: 35 Jumping Jacks, 15 Crunches
Wednesday: 4o Jumping Jacks, 2o Crunches
Thursday: 45 Jumping Jacks, 1o Sit-ups
Saturday: 5o Jumping Jacks, 15 Sit-ups
Sunday: 3o Crunches, 1o Leg Lifts

Add to that one session of your favourite workout (3omins), I`m about to have a workout on a cardio-twister, you do it on a treadmill, or whatever you like.
I will also try to do some push-ups for my arms.

Good luck with that, I`ll blog next sunday about the results and about a next plan for the following week.
Please if you need support or if you have questions about anything to hesitate to email me.

So today to begin with I am going to do 3O Jumping Jacks and 1O Crunches, two workout sessions on the CARDIO TWISTER (I`ll make a review on that machine) + 2x50 Sit ups, 2O Push-ups.

Byee xx

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