Weight Loss Journey + Update!

4 years ago

Ohmygosh, HI GUYS! I`ve been MIA for like 891342 years, and I actually really miss posting on here. But anyway, for those that have followed me and kept up with my posts, you guys know I`ve been trying to lose weight and whatnot. I honestly don`t know whether to say I lost or gained. I definitely didn`t lose numbers, but I think I`ve gained a bit of muscle, which might be the reason why I didn`t lose any pound weight. I don`t really think it`s a significant amount of muscle gain, not enough to be able to say, She looks like a fit chick, but I`m definitely not all that flabby.... Confusing. I know. I have tons to update you guys on! :o) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diet: So this summer, I`ve been doing the 3 Day Diet (started on June 16, 2012) and it sucks to say I haven`t lost much since I started. I have to say the first 3 days, is ABSOLUTE torture. The first day, I was actually shaking from the sudden lack of food in my body, but it actually got a lot better the next day and the following weeks. From the very start to now, I`ve only lost 2 sad pounds. ): In the beginning of that diet, I was very strict with following all the foods on the menu, but for the past month or so, I`ve been substituting some of the items for something else because it all comes down to caloric intake. I really only do it now because I feel more in control of what I eat. So this diet, as you can tell by its name, is only 3 days. The other 4 days of the week, you are free to eat what you want, but surely, you wouldn`t want to overeat because then all your hard dieting work would go to waste. I would say I eat a decent amount to make sure my body doesn`t go into starve mode, but I try my best to not overdo it. :o) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exercise: I`m actually the most excited to update you guys on my exercise regimen. So I don`t know if I ever told you guys, but I HATED exercising. HATE HATE HATE. I hated cardio because for one, I had very low stamina, and two, I ran out of breath so quickly, and my throat would get so dry that I always puked up air. But what got me back into running was that a lot of people at my school lost a lot of weight because of running, so I said, what the heck. I`ll try it again. So I saw this thing called the Couch-to-5K program which is a running program that trains you to run a 5K. I actually found a free app on my phone called C25K and that`s helped me so much with my running training. I`m going into my 4th week starting Monday, so I`m super excited about that. The program is 3x a week for an average of 30 minutes per session. I find them to be quite doable, and I end up doing a little over 2 miles on the treadmill after my session. I also walk to my gym and back which is an approximate of 3 miles so I get about 5 miles in 3x a week. :o) I definitely see some muscle build-up around my thighs which is good. :o) What drives me to continue with this program is not only the satisfying feeling of running a 5K, but also because I want to run a 5K for a cause. I`ve been researching causes to run for and I actually really want to run for breast cancer because that`s very close to my heart, no pun intended. (My mom actually felt a lump in her breast about a year ago, and just the very idea of her having breast cancer made me fear for her life, and you just never understand what it`s like to have a family member with cancer until they just might be diagnosed with one.) So I`ve been looking into that, and I want to run the 5K race sometime in October or November. :D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SORRY for such a long post, but I guess that`s what happens when I go MIA for that many years. ^^ I hope you guys found this somewhat helpful and if you have ANY questions at all, just ask. And also, check out my YT channel!! I`ve started posting up videos with my actual self instead of just nail tutorials, so ... ^^ Subscribe to my
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