Weight Loss - Week 1

I think sharing my weight loss journey is important, not only to help myself, but to help others. Now when it comes to my personal journey, I am more concerned with trying to change my whole lifestyle, rather than just loose weight. If it takes me a few years to get to my goal, but change the way I am, I would prefer that, than take some weight loss shakes and not be able to keep it up in ten years time. Now this is just a personal opinion, but I think it will be more effective for me.

So last week was my first week in my weight loss/healthy journey and I think it went okay. I tried to make sure I exercised everyday, although I did miss a few day. When is came to food, I also tried to eat smaller meals, but also healthier meals.

With my weight loss, I really mainly only focuse on my food and exercise during the weekdays. When is comes to weekends, I want to enjoy myself a little bit and since I am trying to change my life style, rather than loose weight fast, so I don`t mind enjoying my weekends. However, I don`t want to go too crazy on the weekends, since I am trying to be more healthy.

Exercise: This week I have mainly focused on cadio. I am trying to make sure I exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday; that is my life change exercise goal. Now if in future, I don`t feel like working out as much, even doing 30 minutes of yoga would make me happy, just 30 minutes a day. Now this week I focused on cadio, since I do want to loose weight (preferably not too slow), so this week I wanted to move around as much as possible in those 30 minutes. For my exercise, I like doing aerobics and I use the Wii game My Fitness Coach. I like this game since it has cadio, legs, arms, flexibility, yoga and so on. This game allows you to pick the amount of times for each workout and its just really great to work out to.

Another thing that I did for exercise, was working on my thighs. I hate my thighs since they are very large, so I found this mini workout to work on making my thighs look better. By doing heel pulses, leg raises, froggers and sideway scissors, hopefully my thighs will get worked on and the inner gap will hopefully appear.

So this week, I basically did my 30 mins of cadio and my thigh workout. I only did about 10 minutes of cadio on Thursday, then did none on Friday. The thing is, I just didn`t feel motivated and kinda lost hope within the first few days; but since today is Monday and I exercised again, I think we all have our bad days. I also did my thigh workout just once and I am planing to do it more this week. I also don`t workout on weekends.

Food: This week`s food was a little weird. I have been really hungry which was something that I wasn`t expecting. I did some research and possibly my hunger is due to the fact that I have been exercising and I need more food. With that being said, this week I have tried to cut back on my big meals, but still have a few more snacks during the day.

I have been trying to eat more healthy and cut back on junk food. For breakfast, I still eat white bread, but instead of four pieces, I now only have two. I make sure that I have a piece of fruit with my breakfast and have either a healthy snack or a pieces of fruit for a mid morning snack. My main goal for lunch is to have some that isn`t hot chips. Usually I either don`t eat lunch or have hot chips; so for right now, I am trying to just eat a somewhat healthy lunch. In the afternoon, I also try to have a similar snack to the morning and wait until dinner for my next meal. I usually don`t have much of a sweet tooth, so cutting out on desert really doesn`t bother me.

I did however have a few bad things during the week. I was going all go until Friday, then I had some take away, which wasn`t good. However on Saturday, I was asked to stay back at work and inturn I had a lunch break. I was so happy with myself since I did eat takeaway, but instead I made myself a chicken sandwhich, with a diet coke. However that night we had all you can eat pizza, enough said.

Weight Loss: So unfortunately, I really don`t know if I have lost weight this week since I didn`t weigh or measure myself before hand. However, I did weigh myself on Thursday and I still weigh the same today, so after a weekend of bad food, I feel pretty happy about that. I did measure myself today, so I will know more next week.

Overall: I feel really good this week. I don`t have that gross heavy feeling inside my stomach and I feel like even though I may not have lost weight, I do feel like I can hold my stomach in a little more and therefore feel a tiny bit slimmer.

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