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3 years ago

If you`re familiar with moisturizers than you`d know how pricey they can be, some ranging up to $400 and for that kind of price the products probably amazing. However i`d like to be $380 dollars richer than that person and still get a nice quality moisturizer which is completely possible! First off for those that don`t know much about moisturizers, it is typically a liquid or gel type consistency and is put on before primer to hydrate your skin. Now not everyone needs a moisturizer it all comes down to knowing your skin type and what works best, if you haven`t a clue about your skin type read this article I wrote for those getting started: http://www.luuux.com/viz/getting-started-part-1-skin but for those of you well aware I hope you`ll be impressed!

1.Burt`s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Moisturizing Lotion- This product does exactly what its called, this product is definitely for those dealing with acne, when it comes to acne a ton of harsh, strong products are used to get rid of it. If that sounds anything like your skin care situation than this moisturizer would be good for you, it unclogs pores and soothes skin with witch hazel and hops. this product is highly recommended for oily or acne prone skin, you can find this product at most any drugstore for $17.90

2.Garnier Clinical Dark Spot Corrector- This is my personal favorite, most African Americans have high pigmentation which causes darker areas on the face and certain areas on your face to be lighter, this product helps even out skin tone. Of course this works for any skin color it uses vitamin C to brighten up your face, it will lessen fine lines and firm the skin at only $16.85

3.Jergens Natural Glow Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 20- Now this will be the all in one package for those of you familiar with self tanners, this moisturizers is one of few that offer self tanner. This moisturizer does its job as a moisturizer but also as a self tanner, leaving your face without streaks and leaves you tan year round. You can pick this item up at any drugstore for not only less than 20 dollars but less then ten! At $8.40

Moisturizers can make or break your makeup routine but more usually make it and improve the quality of your products. Moisturizer is also very important for the skin it keeps it hydrated and just like these three moisturizers they have a lot more to offer than just that.

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