Weekend Hauling

4 years ago

I haven`t really hauled much recently. This weekend while we were out I went hunting for some products that I have wanted but haven`t been able to locate. Mainly, 2 final colors from the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain line and a couple colors from the L`Oreal Color Riche Caresse Sticks collection. I have already concluded that I love the formulation of both products but it has been hard to track down all of the colors I wanted.

I`ll start with the Revlon Balm Stains. When they very first hit stores I was able to get 5 of the colors I wanted, but there were two that Target didn`t carry. For some reason Target only carries a portion of the whole color range. I don`t know why they do that. They didn`t have Sweetheart or Precious. So, I`ve been hunting for those two. Everywhere I`d go they either didn`t carry those colors or they were sold out. On Friday I checked a Walmart and while they had the entire color range, the display was empty. I`m not entirely sure if it just hadn`t been stocked yet or if they had, literally, sold out of every color already. Either way, it was clear I wasn`t going to be able to get them from that location. I was on the other side of town at one point this weekend, though, and stopped into a few stores and found the two colors I wanted! YAY! So, I finally got my hands on Sweetheart (the bright pink one) and Precious (the nude one).

I have concluded I REALLY enjoy the L`Oreal color riche caresse sticks. I started my love for these with two colors: Cotton Pink and Sunset Angora. Well, after I realized just how much I loved them I decided I needed to pick up some more colors. This weekend I picked up four more. From left to right I bought: Blushing Sequin, Rose Taffeta, Sheer Linen, and Merino Mauve. You guys, if you haven`t tried this collection yet.. YOU HAVE TO! They are so silky smooth, light on the lips, and I find they don`t dry out my lips. For me they are amazing, too, because they aren`t extremely opaque. I like that for the summer.... it gives definite color without screaming "I`M WEARING A SUPER BRIGHT, FULLY OPAQUE HOT PINK LIPSTICK, FOLKS!" Even the bright ones... they are bright, but have this quality to them that allows you to see your lips... if that makes sense. Just try them.

The final thing I picked up is a super cheap nail polish. I haven`t dabbled much with the Pure Ice polishes at Walmart but I have heard from several people that some of their metallic polishes are fantastic for stamping with. I have needed a good silver polish to stamp with for what feels like forever. I have a Konad one but it is so SHEER! I was shocked! Konad is supposed to be the mother of all stamping polishes/plates/products... but their silver stamping polish is thin and definitely not opaque (at least my bottle). I wanted to get a silver Sally Hansen chrome pen but I can`t find them anymore. It would seem they are discontinued. Well, when I heard that a Pure Ice one was amazing, I began my hunt. It has taken me a good...oh... 3-4 months to track this one down. Every time I`d go into Walmart I`d look. There was never a slot for it. Well, I went to a different Walmart on Friday and they had a HUGE selection of Pure Ice polishes. Right there was a fully stocked group of Silver Mercedes. SCORE!!! I scooped it up and bought it. I haven`t tried it yet but I will.

That is my haul for the weekend... several lip products and a lone nail polish.


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