Weekend Hauling

5 years ago

I haven`t been shopping for beauty items a whole heck of a lot... I`m just caught up in other activities right now and somewhat behind on products being released. But, while shopping this weekend I did pick up a few things... A couple of which were necessary and then a few that were items I have on my list that I wanted to get at some point.. and so, when I saw them, I went ahead and got them.

The first item was a loofah. This is actually for my husband, though. I swear if I don`t buy him new ones every month he`d never replace it. YUCK! I use wash rags but he loves loofahs. I picked up a pretty mint green one... because, ya know.. I`m oh so certain he wants something "pretty".. lollol! (sarcasm, there... he couldn`t care less what color it was).

Then, I went looking for the new Gillette Venus & Olay razors that were put into the Influenster Vox Boxes. I love the razor and wanted to make sure I had replacement blades. They said they`d be in stores March 15th, but then later said the end of the month. I still haven`t been able to find them, so I just picked up a random Gillette/Venus replacement head. If any of you have spotted the Olay ones, please tell me what store you`ve found them in.

Next, I was checking the Revlon lipsticks. Early in the weekend I was watching a youtube video where the girl was talking about her favorite spring/summer makeup products and she mentioned a few products I already have and love, but when she said Revlon matte lipstick in Smoked Peach, I figured I`d try it out. She seemed to have similar taste in a lot of the other products, so I took her suggestion and picked this one up. Right next to Smoked Peach was Temptress. I thought it was a matte since it was right next to it, but once I got home I saw it was a cream finish. That`s fine by me, though. My favorites are cream finishes and matte... I don`t like shimmery or frosty lipsticks. Oddly, the bullet looks like it has shimmers... so I`m hoping that doesn`t transfer to the lips... especially since they are calling it a cream finish. :-

Other than cotton balls and qtips (which I didn`t show), the last item I bought was another gloss. I`m not the biggest gloss fan most of the time, but in the past few months I`ve been REALLY enjoying my Revlon glosses so when people recommended Firecracker in my last gloss haul post, I figured I`d try it out. I like the others I have, especially Pink Pop and Coral Reef, so I`m hoping this one will be nice, too. I think it was Heatherann??? yes?? That said she liked Firecracker. I have high hopes for it.

Anyway, that is all I got this weekend.


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