Weekend Hauling

5 years ago

I really didn`t do a lot this weekend, in the way of shopping. I actually spent most of Saturday and Sunday researching for an Italian Renaissance dress I`d like made. I did have to tear myself away, though, to go grocery shopping and I needed to pick up a new pair of gym shoes, sandals, and socks for my son.

My first stop was Target. After picking out my sons shoes, my husband told me to go ahead and pick up something if I saw anything (shoes) that caught my attention. Well, I needed a new pair of easy to slip on flats. I was looking at several they had hung on the wall with their cheap flip flops and did try on a couple of them but they were rubbing the back of my heel, so that was a no go. Then I wandered through the aisles and found these cute multi-colored striped shoes. My feet have grown longer since having a kid...like I needed them any bigger. :- So, I started by trying on a 10.. WHOA too big. Then I was looking for a 9. None to be found. Okay, I tried on the 9 1/2... too big. I picked up the 8 1/2 figuring they`d be too small since I haven`t been an 8 1/2 since prebaby. Surprisingly, they fit nice! Super comfortable, no pinch...just perfect! The stretch of the fabric I think really helps to make them comfortable. They aren`t stiff.

The next thing I picked up was a necessity. I`m nearly out of my deodorant so I picked up a new stick... super exciting, huh?! LOL! This is one of the few deodorants I can use and it not cause skin irritation.

The final item was the Goody Spin Pins. I`ve seen numerous people rave about these so I figured I`d give them a shot. I got them in the light hair color. While I`m definitely not a blonde, my hair is kind of ashy and the dark, I figured, would be TOO dark. The light ones actually work well in my color hair. However, I have tried to use them and they`re giving me troubles. My hair is very thin and fine so these are far too long for me. They don`t hold it tight because of the length and end up pushing out of the bun a significant distance... like, enough for you to see the Spin Pin very clearly. I want to find the mini ones, now, and see if they`d work any better. I`m hoping they will... I just need to track some down. I haven`t come across any of the minis yet.

So, that is my teeny-weeny haul. No polish this weekend! (shocker!)


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