Weekend Haul - Part Two!

5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers!
This is part two of my Big Weekend Haul! Part One was Saturday, and this one is Sundays. So, today we usually do
grocreey shopping and other things. We also went to Tjmaaxx and did a little thrifting at the Goodwill.
First off, we went to TJmaaxx. I always go to the purses first. Always. I found this black and brown shoulder strap bag. The way it closes is a button in the front, and it has three little parts to put things. The front pocket has a place to put your phone and keys. The middle part is big enough for a small book or papers. Then back part has a zipper enclosure and that`s were I would put my wallet. The design inside is a gray and black lacy type background. The brand is Emilie M. Then going to the clothes I found two shirts and a pair of leggings. The first shirt is a beige black stripped shirt. It`s really cute and I love stripes! I have so many of them. The second shirt, is a brown and red
one. It`s one of those shirts that goes to the top of your jeans in the front then get`s longer as you go to the back. It`s super cute. Lastly, I found a pair of gray leggings.
Purse - $20.99, on sale
Beige and Black striped shirt - $14.99
Brown and Red shirt - $4.00, on sale
Gray Leggings - $4.99
Next, we went to Target. I looked around to see if there were any good clearence items. I didn`t find any unfortureatly. A lot was on sale though! So, if you are at a Target, I recommend looking around. :) What I did end up getting were Maybelline`s Baby Lips and an Aveeno cleanser. I`ve heard reviews about Baby Lips, some people like it and others don`t. I`ve put it on once and so far it`s nice. I got a clear one called "Quenched". I`ll do a review on it once I`ve used it for a few weeks. I`m still looking for the perfect face wash, so if you guys have any
recommendations, I`ll take them. I like Aveeno products because they are really gentle and they don`t burn my skin or anything.
Baby Lips - $2.99
Aveeno Foaming Cleanser - $6
After we went to the Goodwill because it`s right next to Safeway. Looking around I picked out a gray sweater. My
mom said it was good quality because it was some type of wool and I was just like that`s a plus. I also found this blue v-neck with a pocket in the front. It`s a little stretched out I think, but I`ll probably wear it with a bandeau or put it over a bathing suit this summer. Lastly, I looked at the purses. They didn`t have much, but after I looked behind some, I found this light brown shoulder bag. It has two little compartments inside, the back compartment has a zipper enclosure to it. Then on the outside it has a place to put your cell phone or something you need to reach for quickly. I think it`s super cute.
Gray Cardigan - $10
Blue V-neck - $5
Brown Purse - $7.99
That`s all for now! Enjoy.
[Photos are mine.]

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