Weekend fruit detox!

5 years ago

I got this good idea for a fruit detox from youtube. I go to high school and you can`t really get healthy food there so that`s why I decided to have a weekend fruit detox.

A fruit detox is a diet in which you can only drink water, fruit drinks or smoothies, and you can only eat fruit. I don`t know about the vegetable part but for now I am only going to try it with eating plain fruit. The best thing you can do for yourself is to go to your grocery store and buy a lot of different kind of fruit, and then eat it or make smoothies and juices out of it. I know that it can be a bit of a hastle to make smoothies all of the time, or squeeze orange and lemon juice but I think that it`s really worth it. If you like water that`s good because then you can drink it but I don`t really like it because it has no taste at all and I don`t even feel like I`m drinking anything... So that`s why I make orange juice and lemonade. Tea, pre made juices, coffe, enery drinks, alcohol, milk, soda and other drinks aren`t recomended for when you`re doing the fruit diet. And as food goes, you obviously should only eat fruit, weather it`s fresh, packaged or in a can it`s OK just as long as it does not contain sugar, salt, or oil.

A fruit detox is good for you because it get`s all of the unhealthy stuff out of your body, and apparently after a fruit detox it`s easier for you to go on a ``mood`` where you want to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food.I am doing to try and do this for every weekend because I have really let myself go during the summer and I need to lose a lot of weight...

Normaly I don`t like diets because they`re soo complicated you know? Like you cant eat sugar, salt, oil, chocolate, chips, butter, chese, chicken, rice, pasta and I don`t know what and that just gets me frustrated and confused and for that I quit and usually go back to my unhealhty eating habbits.. But with this it`s really easy because you basecly just need to eat fruit and drink water, so there`s nothing to really stress about. It can get hard though.. But if you think about it, it`s only two days and then for the rest of the week you can eat normal stuff although it would be better to still eat healthy but whatever you do, you`re still helping your body with what you`re eating durring the weekend. I don`t like to exercise soo that`s why I decided to do this diet, and I thoght it would be a lot more fun than all of the other diets soo that`s why I decided to share it with you guys.

I hope that this helped you at least a little, and that you try it out. I hope that if I made a mistake with something that I wrote you`re going to tell me in the comments bellow, and I`m sory for all of the spelling mistakes, how many there may be I hope that you understood at least half of it..

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