Week 2 Finished:)

5 years ago

Okay so this week has been really hard on me Thursday night i had gotten liquid medicine that wasnt mine squirted all in my eye and down my face and neck, so now i have this horrible red rash all on my right side had it sinse thursday its just getting better now. I wasnt able to go to school either. and Saturday morning i had a quiz team competiton from 7 am to 5 pm but it was rather fun but then i get home and my boyfriend tells me he cheated on me so we broke up to. So i havent got many workouts in but I was able to from Monday-Wednesday and Im going to today, but i did go ahead and weigh my self and i am at 154:) and thats about the range i expected i feel like a yo-yo up and down and its hard not to just say im done. But i know it will be worth it i nthe end . Thats my inspiration of the week:)

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