Wedding Peanut Butter Cookies!

I haven`t tried a lot of peanut butter flavored things before, so I don`t think my review is much of a comparison to anything. The reason is I just don`t like the taste of peanut butter flavored things, I only like peanut butter on toast and that`s pretty much it! This wedding cookie is a peanut butter flavor. These cookies are more like biscuits, and they have a naturally more dry and crumbling texture. Peanut flavored things are always more dry and so you can imagine! I really did not like this, even with tea, I felt like the cookie sort of sticks to your teeth and I just felt really thirsty after eating just one. I ended up just drinking a lot of tea to wash out the stickiness and flavor of the cookie. I would not recommend this. I also would not recommend including peanut flavored things in a wedding cookie box, especially because not each individual cookie is labeled, so unless people are careful and actually read the cookie descriptions menu before eating, someone with peanut allergies might accidentally eat this!
Do you like peanut flavored things?
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