Wedding Dresses Godmothers

The third person to occupy the spotlight at a wedding is, without a doubt the godmother. Therefore, she must take good care of your image. They should be a lovely visual, after all be watching, with the groomsmen, the grooms.

In choosing a bridesmaid dress ideal, first you need to know what type of ceremony organized by the couple: be civil or religious? Formal or informal? What is the location and time of ceremony? And about the station?

Regarding colors, white is black and the exclusivity of the bride should never be used for bridesmaids wedding (black is only permitted for guests). For daytime weddings, opt for bright colors such as pastels, pink, purple and green shades of blue. The night, however, asks the most striking and strong tones such as silver, gray, green, turquoise, violet and lilac.

It is best to follow the guidelines godmothers of the bride in order to reach a consensus on model, color and length of the dresses .. Photo:

It is best to follow the guidelines godmothers of the bride in order to reach a consensus on model, color and length of the dresses. However, what usually happens is the bride leave the discretion of each sponsor, choosing the ideal model for the big day.

Weddings in the Morning

Gowns bridesmaids wedding party during the day should be of lightweight fabrics like crepe and pastel like salmon, green pool, blue, lilac and pink. The use of the hat is only advisable if the ceremony is extremely refined and if the decision of all the bridesmaids. As for the makeup go for something very loaded and nothing dull. Accessories should be discreet and pearls are a good option. The feet can be as shoes sandals heels of medium and coarse and not very open.

Afternoon Weddings

Marriages performed in the afternoon allow more intense colors like wine, burgundy, grape, moss green, royal blue, etc.. The length of the bridesmaids` dresses wedding in turn can be long with embroidery and a satin finish. Shoes should follow the tones of the dresses and makeup should not be too loaded.

Wedding Night

A party night for sure ask for something with more oomph. So you may be using the most striking colors (except black) and glows, but without overdoing it because who is the bride should shine! The tissue should contain their own brightness. You can also make use of more flashy accessories, but with elegance, good taste and personality. Makeup should emphasize more eyes mainly because of the photographs. Be prevented! Along with a successful model of low-cut, you may be using a bolero, shawl or scarf for your thermal comfort.

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