Wedding Black Sesame Biscuit Cookie!

I love roasted black sesame seeds and I like the taste of black sesame mochi, drinks, and a lot of other treats in the black sesame flavor. This biscuit cookie was not one of them. I think if they wanted to use black sesame, they should have made the cookie the black sesame flavor. It would have tasted much more flavorful. This biscuit cookie is just a sugar cookie with small roasted black sesame seeds on the inside, and when it`s done that way you can`t even taste the black sesame seeds. Don`t get me wrong this was a good cookie, but the name is deceiving LOL! It should just be called Sugar Biscuit with Black Sesames. I like the flat shapes of these cookies though, it really does make them perfect to snack on with teas. They are small, so the calorie count isn`t too high, and so you eat a few and it feels like you ate a lot of cookies, but you really didn`t. I highly recommend small cookies like this if you like snack on something sweet when you`re drinking coffee or tea in the morning.
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