Wear a Tail, the new fashion trend?

How do you make yourself stand out from others? Do you like to stand out from others from the way you dress? Me, not really but if you`re dressed with a tail hanging from your behind then I am sure you`ll be very noticeable... I dress however I want but there are a handful of people who dress however they please and I respect that! SO calling out all brave people out there, you can NOW buy a tail as a "fashion" piece, there are all sorts of tails to chose from for everyday of the week!

What tails are available to purchase/wear?

- Lizard
- Squirrel
- Dinosaur
- Lion
- Lemur
- Fox

Prices range from $25 to $30 Canadian

<strong>Are you interested in this tail trend? Would you wear a tail at work/school/other? If you could pick any tail- what would it be?</strong> I can see this for perhaps costume parties or Halloween but on an everyday basis, not too often. If I was to have a tail, I would be a pig. :)

Photo via http://www.coolshityoucanbuy.com/2012/06/tails.html

Want to purchase a tail? http://www.kigu.co.uk/shop/tails.html

Source link: http://www.coolshityoucanbuy.com/2012/06/tails.html

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