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3 years ago

Miley Cyrus` latest music video, "We Can`t Stop," may have received 33 million hits on YouTube this past week, but it also sets a new low for sexual deviance in pop culture and contradicts her Christian upbringing.
"Throughout the song, Miley gyrates disgustingly, kisses a female doll, constantly shakes her hiny, and makes tasteless facial expressions," writes Anna Maria Hoffman, editor of the youth culture blog Counter Cultured.
"I think the video really captures the sentiment in the song," Adam Holz, senior associate editor at Focus on the Family`s pop culture review site Plugged In, told the Christian Post.
Holz quoted some of the lyrics: "It`s our party we can do what we want/we can say what we want/we can love who we want/we can kiss who we want."
"Basically, she`s describing a place where there`s no limits and no rules," Holz explained. "Miley`s definition of freedom is nobody can tell her what`s wrong."
On Plugged In, he writes, "She`s at a party where everyone is drinking, taking E, snorting coke, dancing like strippers, looking for a casual hook up and generally raising their fists in the face of curmudgeons who might question the wisdom of those choices." With stunning and disturbing clarity, the video portrays just that.
Hold on, isn`t this the same Miley Cyrus who played the innocent Hannah Montana, was baptized in 2005, and who flaunted her purity ring in 2008? But as the Huffington Post reported, "the Disney alum pulls out all of the stops in the video, doing everything she can to distance herself from her `Hannah Montana` past."
"Unfortunately, it`s a pretty consistent story with child stars," Holz explained, mentioning Justin Beiber as another example. "It seems like, as they have more fame and admiration, and as they go into their teenage years, they have a tendency to fall apart" morally.

Source link: http://www.christianpost.com/news/miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-narcissistic-enslaved-to-sexuality-view-says-pop-culture-editor-98912

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