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4 years ago

Hello. I talked in another post about a site called Freebiejeebies, where users of all the world can create an account and earn any prize they want or the ones that freebiejeebies has. I`m encouraging new users to create an ccount at this site through my referral link (http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/511085) and complete a free offer, the William Hil Live Casino. I just made it and for the new users that follow my referral link and complete this offer, i will deposit 5 euros for the effort. You can see a complete tutorial here:
How to create a freebiejeebies account - http://www.ajudaeminformatica.pt/como-criar-uma-conta-no-freebiejeebies-tutorial-passo-a-passo/
How to complete the William Hill Live Casino offer - http://www.ajudaeminformatica.pt/completa-esta-offer-gratuita-no-freebiejeebies-e-nos-oferecemos-5-euros/

All of these pages are in portuguese language but you can open them in http://translate.google.com and paste the url so you can read the instructions in your language.

Any doubts email us at geral@ajudaeminformatica.pt ou visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ajudaeminformatica.pt

Don`t miss the oportunity to earn money and an excellent freebiejeebies prize without lotery.
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Source link: http://www.ajudaeminformatica.pt/completa-esta-offer-gratuita-no-freebiejeebies-e-nos-oferecemos-5-euros/

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