Ways to use Vinegar

4 years ago

Ways to use vinegar..
1. Sore throat? Mix vinegar with brown sugar
2. Sore muscles? Add a small amount of vinegar to your bath water, mix and relax.
3. Discolored metal? Rub vinegar over it to loosen the dirt, then clean normaly
4. No windex? no worries.. add a small amount of vinegar with water to wash your windows.. use newpaper to help with the shine.
5. Dull clothes? Add a small amount of vinegar to thr rinse water to help bring back color in ur clothes.
6. To clean out dogs ears wipe them out regularly with a soft cloth with white sistilled vinegar.
7.Have fish? get rid of water lines from aquarimes by wiping the down with white vingegar. be sure to rinse well after!
8. Does your oet have fleas? Kill fleas by adding a small amount of white distilled vingegar to you pets drinking water.
9. stinky drains? pour 1 cup baking soda, then 1 cup hot white vinegar, wait 5 mins then run hot water down the drain for a 30 seconds.
10. to clean and remove stains from plastic food containers, wipe them down with a cloth dipped in white vinegar

Hope some of you help this stuff useful. If you have anything to add please do..

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