Ways to Use Vaseline

4 years ago

1.) Vaseline can be put around your face and neck area while you are dying your hair. The jelly prevents the dye from seeping into your skin.

2.) Shine your shoes! Even if your shoes are not leather, you can still add some shine to them using Vaseline. Put a little on, and buff it off with an old cotton T-shirt.

3.) Leather Shoe Protector. Add a little onto an old cotton cloth, and rub into your leather shoes. This works especially well for people who live in area that use salt in winter. The Vaseline will act as a block for the salt. One Caution: This may darken the leather.

4.) Softens nail cuticles.

5.) A 50/50 mix of pure beeswax and Vaseline makes a great mustache wax.

6.) Apply to eyelashes nightly to get longer lashes.

7.) Apply Vaseline to the back of new shoes. Help prevent chaffing when going without socks.

8.) Apply to eye brows before you sleep to grow.

9.) Use as a lotion or moisturizer.

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