Ways to use baking soda

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Ways to use baking soda..
1. deodorize refigerator, place an open container inside and stir every couple weeks, replace it every couple months for a fresh sent.
2. Keep a box of baking soda near stove. If you might have a grease fire, sprinkle baking soda on the fire to extinguish the flames.
3. To clean out coolers, mix baking soda and water to wipe down the inside to get rid of odors.
4. add 1/2 cup of baking soda to washer to make your clothes smell fresher, help remove stains.
5. To clean and remove odor from dish washer, use baking soda instead of soap and run as normal.
6. For softer skin add 1/2 cup or more of baking soda to ur bath water, and enjoy.
7. Add 2 tbsp of baking soda to your baby`s bath water and it will help with diaper rashs.
8. To get rip of unwanted weeds, add a handful of baking soda into the cracks, this is safe for kids and pets.
9. To remove nasty odor from all kinds of shoes just sprinkle baking soda inside and let sit.
10. To remove burned food on pans, soak the pans with water and baking soda for 10 mins, them scrub the pot or pan with dry baking soda and a moist pad, than wash!

Hope you guys find these tips useful.. If you have any more tips please fell free to share with others.. thanks

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