Ways to Un-Pop Your Ears!

6 years ago

So, sometimes, when I get a cold, I get tons of pressure in my ears and I feel like I need to pop them to make the pressure go away, but, I don`t really know how to do that, except by yawning really hard, and to me that didn`t work. I was looking up some ways on the internet to do it and hear it is, I haven`t tried them all, but I hope it helps!

1.Block Your Nose:
Consider blocking your nose in order to unblock your ears. To do this, simply squeeze both sides of your nose--gently--with your thumb and pointing finger. Holding your fingers in place, blow your nose. Instead of the air coming out of your nostrils (which are currently being blocked by you), it will come out through your ears, thereby popping them.

2. Yawning Jaw-Wiggle:
Try the yawning jaw-wiggle, by far the simplest way to pop your ears. Simply open your mouth then wiggle around your jaw--all while yawning. As you wiggle your jaw around, you`ll find that your ears pop. Using this method, you can actually pop your ears anytime, anywhere, without anybody really noticing.

3.Chew Gum:
One alternative form of the yawning jaw-wiggle is to simply chew gum. This mimics the jaw-wiggle part and is often enough to pop your ears. For added effectiveness, interrupt your gum-chewing action now and again with a yawn. Be careful not to choke on the gum while yawning.

3. Swallow:
Swallow, even with nothing in your mouth. The swallowing action works the same muscles that open up your Eustachian tubes, the very tubes that are blocked. Swallow over and over until your ears pop. Again, this is a method that can be used to pop your ears that will attract little or no attention to yourself.

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