Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

4 years ago

Winters in the United States can be extremely cold, and the country is facing the reality of a very expensive heating season. With higher natural gas prices increasing environmental awareness of the nations inhabitants, consumers are looking for a way to save money on their energy bills while also reducing their own carbon footprint. Here are a few tips on how you can use renewable energy sources to power your home. Bio Fuels If you are looking to save money and youre currently heating your home with oil, why not switch to biodiesel. This type of fuel is likely to be economically competitive due to oil prices reaching record levels, and it is also made from crops grown by American farmers. Furthermore, it burns cleaner than normal household oil. If you want to look into how biofuel can power your home heating, call your local energy supplier. If youre looking to distance your home from oil altogether, why not have a look into wood pellet stoves. These stoves are fuelled by pellets consisting of sawdust and compressed chips these efficient stoves can also earn you up to $2000 in tax credits thanks to the Energy Bill legislation. Hot Water If your hot water heater is looking a little worse for wear, why not invest in http://www.energ.co.uk/energy-consultancy, or better yet, a solar water heater! Financing this product produces savings that far outweigh the amount you will pay in monthly instalments, and youll be reducing your carbon footprint too. Lighting Solar-generated light have become very popular over the last ten years, and companies all over the world have used the technology to reduce their utility bills across the board. Whether youre coming home late, walking the dog or taking out the garbage, solar-generated light has a number of renewable uses. From the office to the home, the best energy to use is the energy thats free, so make use of the sun and get your power the environmentally friendly way. Renewable Consumer Products Green energy isnt only applicable to boring power applications like light, and there are a number of cool consumer products that can integrate clean, renewable energy. From solar watches to solar calculators, and even solar iPod chargers, environmentally friendly energy products are popping up all over the place. Renewable Energy Credits Do you want to improve your home with different products that utilise sustainable energy, but dont know which ones to buy? Theres no need to worry, because for a small premium on top youre your annual energy, you can buy renewable energy credits, leaving you safe in the knowledge that the energy your home is receiving is clean and sustainable. Education The best way to integrate renewable energy into your home is through education. From your children to your friends and family, teaching others about the benefits of sustainable, clean energy will allow empower them to change the way they live too. No matter how much you dedicate your style of living to renewable energy, you cant make a difference on your own, so spread the word and watch others reap the financial and environmental benefits of alternative energy. For more money saving tips http://www.energ.co.uk/index1291.aspx.

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