Ways on how to get out of school problems!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! so i decided to make a blog on how to get out of those annoying school issues ya know when you didnt do your homework, or you dont want any homework, how to distract your teacher..etc. I myself as a student, HATE school and over the years of sitting in a boring class room I have made up and even used these smart tips daily...Oh did i say daily? i mean only once in a while..;)
*these tips must be used wisely and becareful to NOT get caught*
1. Forgot your homework at home??? this is how to fix it without getting in trouble: Once at school be the first in class, have all your binders organised and ready to go for class, make your way towards your teacher and put on a REALLY sad kind of disapointed look, but dont over-due it or else you will blow it! And i like to make up different stories like, i had a doctors/dentist appointement and didnt make it home till late or you spilt juice all over your homework and its drying out, your backpack got stolen(gotta really play that one up.) If you REALLY need a good story and your parents dont feel like pitching in to help cause it litterly was your fault...i will admit i have used this one...get paper and neatly write with NO spelling mistakes, make a note saying why you didnt complete your homework or forgot it and then when finished, sign your parents initials because normally the teachers dont phone your parents.

2. Dont feel like learning today, this is how to distract your teacher- WASTE SOME TIME! ;P Ask a bunch of questions about last nights homework and get the rest of the class to pitch in too, while the teacher goes on a big shpeel, sit back and RELAX.

3. Late for class? dont apologies to the teacher and say you were hanging out with your friends, because then your just asking for the prinicpals office...Make up some heroic story: say you were getting your binders for next class and a kid was crying or hurt so you decided to help them out and direct them to a class or to a teacher and say you lost track of time while you were suppositly helping someone...:p works ALL the time !

And congrats to all the people out there who absolutly LOVE school and adore work..Kudos. This post is obviously not for you ;) But then there is people like me..who dread the fact of having to get up early, go to school, sit with people you hate for 7 hours and at the same time try to learn why the alphabet is in your math equation??? So these are just a few tips to try and make it look like you actually try hard in school...which of corse we all do ;)
thanks! Taves ;)

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