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4 years ago

Hello luuuxers,

Today I have an easy way to make money on the internet, so simple. It is called the site beruby ...
For those who still do not know BeRuby is a platform for entry and use completely free and allows you to have discounts on major brands, but not only.
 It`s very simple, we see the platform as a panel BeRuby Internet favorites. The platform will find links to the sites of major brands. If you access this site great brands to make their purchases, BeRuby returns you a percentage of the amount you pay.

You can win by:

- Discounts when shopping on sites with beruby protocol;
How BeRuby discounts?
Imagine you want to buy a sweater from an online store that has a "contract" with BeRuby. Access through this online store platform BeRuby, choice and proceed to purchase the sweater you want. Once purchase made, which you pay the full amount, BeRuby put into your account on the platform equivalent to the percentage discount indicated. That is, if the shirt cost 30 and BeRuby discount is 2%, you will receive 0.60 in your account.
But not only lives the value of purchases that you can accumulate in your account BeRuby. You can also earn money on your balance by visiting some well-known sites. If instead of through the relevant access your favorite browser, you use the panel BeRuby, will be paid an additional amount in your balance BeRuby.

- Invite friends will make you earn more money;
Here begins the most attractive platform BeRuby. In addition to the value on their purchases or actions, you still have another way to fatten your bankroll BeRuby. Once you sign up to invite all your friends and acquaintances to do the same. Explain how the platform and teach them to save money with BeRuby. For every action they make the platform BeRuby, in the form of recognition for inviting their friends, beruby puts a value on your balance on your balance.
To raise the value accumulated in your balance you must have a paypal account. If you do not have and do not know how to create one, I recommend you read our article on how to create a paypal account.

I leave my invitation link in case you want to register.
I hope they get noticed and make money :)


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