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5 years ago

This wax follows the same technique as sugar wax...I made detail post on it so please follow

For tips and helpful tricks on prepping and finishing follow

Now lets get on with the coolest part. This is going to need practice and some finger work...hope you aren`t thinking anything perverted...When your wax is hard enough to scoop out, you can make a ball of it. If its very runny then you have to heat it up more...if its too stiff then you can dab your fingers in water and start stretching it. When you knead it for few minutes, the ball will change color from amber (honey color) to creamy color and it should become like chewing gum (elastic wise). Alright now again prep your skin like you would with waxing. All you need is ping ball size ball and once its nice and ready (again you have to keep trying to find out what works for you) apply it against the hair growth. you can use both hands to spread it on to your skin. Now remove hair by going on same direction as hair growth (this technique is opposite the wax). You either flick and roll or pull like you would with strip.

To make it easier lets think of our leg. So for this method you would spread the ball by going opposite the hair growth. Once its spread you will flick from top going downward in the same direction of hair growth. You can also pull it down in one jerk motion (like regular waxing but in same direction as hair growth).

After a bit, your ball might get sticky and stick everywhere...Just take a piece out and start rolling it on the sticky part and the pieces will stick together. You can roll it many times and it will harden up again. If nothing helps then you can scoop out little bit of new (like quarter size) and start kneading it again. If it is hard, then only dab fingers in water and start kneading. Once you try to apply on your skin, the body heat will melt it enough that you can spread it around.

This technique is cool because there is no mess, no cleaning of strips, you can do it anywhere because your hair is sticking to the ball and doesn`t fly around. One golf ball size can do almost your whole leg. It does take time and effort....and because of body heat, it starts getting sticky. Good thing is you don`t have to keep heating and re-heating the batch. It hurts but less than wax.

Hope this was a helpful post and oh yea before I forget, if you are diabetic then please use your judgement before trying this.

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