Waxing at Home

5 years ago

Smooth sexy skin is always in but sometimes it can be really expensive to achieve especially if you`re on a budget. Most of us choose to wax because it leaves you hairless for up to four weeks so you have more time on your hands for other things.
Waxing also works better for other people who have sensitive skin that becomes irritated from the shaving. Whatever your reasons are you may of taken a few trips to the spa to get waxed and boy does it add up!

I`ve turned over to waxing at home and figured the best way to do this was to invest in a wax kit. I`ve tried the ones that warm up in the microwave, I`ve even tried making my own wax (big mistake) but the wax kit that I invested in blew the other methods out of the water.

I bought the Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit pictured above and it`s one of the best buys I`ve ever made and it didn`t hurt my wallet. I know many of you have seen this wax warmer on websites like flatiron experts but this was really a steal.

The kit contained:

1. The Professional Single Wax Warmer
2. 14 o.z Deluxe Cream wax
3. 4 oz. pre-depilatory cleanser.
4. 4 oz. post-depilatory calming oil.
5. 4 oz. post-depilatory cooling gel.
6. 4 oz. post-depilatory lotion.
7. 30 assorted pieces of muslin epilating cloth for face and body. 10 pieces of assorted applicators for face and body.
8. 2 protective collars.
9. Professional step-by-step waxing DVD

So why is this important to you? Think about it every time you head to the spa you`re not only paying for the treatment but you have other taxes to pay for and this can add up over time. Beauty shouldn`t have to be so expensive. I mention flat iron experts because on their website the wax warmer alone sets you back $100.

Want to hear a secret? I bought everything I mentioned for $44.90 on http://Amazon.com, yes, you read that right. I made this purchase because if I had to spend that money on the other website I would have to fork out at least $200 to get everything on my list. I`m so happy with the purchase and I love my wax warmer. Now I can have smooth legs all year round and keep the money in my wallet.

*picture is not mine*text is mine*

Source link: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/517QrjGNYCL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

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