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5 years ago

Luuuuxers (:
I am having so much fun blogging about random stuff!! I took this picture 2 or 3 weeks ago when it was kinda sunny at San Francisco! This is me attempted to make my hair wavy!! Umm it didn`t really turn out the way i wanted my hair to be but i tried. I really cant wait for my hair to grow because i want it to be wavy like this! but i must have long hair.

I think wavy hair is very fashionably! I admire the people that has super long hair that almost touch their butts and doing the wavy effect makes their so pretty.

Anyways, i did this hair? So after washing my hair, i took a hair spray and sprayed it everywhere! and using a blow dryer, i just used my hands to crunch my hair together. To have more perfect curly hair! you can always buy a type of hair spray that makes your hair curly!

Do you think curly hair is in or out in fashion?!

Well this was fun!


Photo belongs to BG ~~~~~~~~

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