Waterproof Mascaras?

4 years ago

I have realized that it comes to my attention, waterproof mascaras really do the trick! If you haven`t tried waterproof version yet then you are definitely missing out on the glam in your lashes.

In waterproof mascaras, since the product in the mascara has a mixture of oils, almost like oil paint, it makes it difficult to remove but less to smear and run. Normal mascaras are water-based which makes your lashes droop. And to weak, short lashes, this won`t do the trick of making them full and curled beautifully. They will just sag down and make them go down like my Asian lashes.
The waterproof mascaras are light weight by the formula they are made with. To your lashes, it won`t do the task of droop down.

In addition, I recommend you invest in a good eye lash curler, because it really help you in the long run. Plus, using two or maybe even three different types of mascaras will emphasize the effect of voluminous and lengthened lashes. If you do use this trick, make sure you let the first coat half-way dry, and then apply your other mascara.

Good luck! With your beautiful lashes. :)

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