WaterMelon Nail Design

Heey people! I love this type of design and that picture up there ^ is actually MY picture of MY nails that I did! And I did them because Summer is coming soon and I thought it would be the cutest thing ever!! And so hope you guys like this tippy tip! (:
Things you need:
*Pink or red nail polish
*Light green and a dark green! Nail polish or acrylic paint (I used acrylics for this one!)
*A black striper or acrylic paint.
*A sponge. One of those makeup sponges!
*If youre using paint, you of course need your paint brushes!
*Nail polish remover and qtips for your imperfections after!

1;; If you have a basecoat to protect your nails, put on this first!

2;; Paint all of your nails your pink or red colour.

3;; After they are dry (Most likely after 10-15 minutes) grab your light green and paint the 1/3 of the end of your nail. Youre pretty much just doing a French manicure but with green!

4;;After that dries, have your dark green with you, and dab your sponge in there. Dab it just a little bit so the colour isnt so solid when you put it on your nails. Then make lines on the light green so that the greens alternate!

5;;If youre using acrylics, grab a VERY thin brush and make little dots and lines just a little bit away from the green part to make the seeds! And do the same with your striper.

6;;Let ALL of it dry, then at last, put a top coat on!

7;;If you need to, take your tip, dip it in nail polish remover, and go around your nails to make them perfect!

And now youre done! Have fun with this adorable nail design for summer!! (:

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