Water? YES!

5 years ago

How everybody knows, our body needs a lot of nutrients to be healthy. You know, the health is something really important and without it, we can`t do anything. So, this post is about water because the water is equally important and without it, we can`t survive. The water is the most abundant component of living creatures and it is about 60% to 90% of our weight. The most part of the water is inside the cells and in less quantity in vessels which transporting fluids like the animals` blood and sap in plants. The water is important because it is essential for the composition of the blood and lymph, for the digestion and absorption of food, the the distribution of nutrients and other products, for disposal of toxic wast and to maintain the temperature , by perpiration. To compensate losses of water must be ingested daily, from 1,5 to 2 liters of water.

The water is very important, so here are the ways to incorporated it:
- 50% of the water comes from ingestion of liquids
- 35% of the water comes from food
- 15% of the water comes from result of internal chemical reactions

Remember: The water is so important so, we have to consume it as much as possible!

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