Water Powered Clock

This is such a great alternative to battery powered clocks for those who are super conscious of the environment. It`s even good as a general alternative to a plug-in clock because the water you use in it probably only costs you a penny or two.

How it works, as quoted by the website (because I`d surely screw it up. haha)
"The water-powered batteries consists of two electrodes made of special alloys, which, when immersed in water, activate the carbon particles to produce energy through a chemical reaction." it then goes on to also state, "The hydro batteries produce the same amount of energy as normal batteries but they are made of carbon, which is everywhere, that uses less energy to produce and are non-toxic. Electricity is created through conductivity by water to operate the LCD clock without use of batteries."

The water will evaporate in two to three months, at which time you just have to simply re fill them. Best of all, it sells for only $7.99.
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Source link: http://www.perpetualkid.com/clock-hydro-power.aspx

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