Water Pebble! Save Water!

5 years ago

There are times when people go through depression. One thing they turn to is a long hot showers. Just to get rid of negatives thoughts, feelings. 

Even though it`s a great feeling of all, but have you ever notice you`re wasting water? This is when the Water Pebble comes in. What it does is that it`ll remind you when you`re using way too much water. 

The Water Pebble is a program device that will tract and accumulate how much water you used. The second part time the Water Pebble will flash and let you know it`s time to turned off the water. Your shower is done!

The whole concept is for you to save water, use less of it. To use it all you need to do is press the reset button and three lights will flash. Place the Water Pebble by the plug hole. Just take normal showers. Every shower the Water Pebble will light up Green for start, Amber when you`re almost done & finally Red to stop. 

1. How long do you take showers?
2. Do you take cold or hot showers?

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