Water Marbling Nails: Not or Not?

5 years ago

Good evening! For a while now (since like almost a year ago), I`ve been obsessed with water marbling on the nails. The picture that I added above is and example of nails using the water marbling technique. The picture, of course, is what water marbling looks like after you get really good at it which I`m not yet. To me, water marbling is really cool and I ADORE the effect it gives once your done but it can be a hassle to do if you`re inexperienced or don`t have much time on your hands. If you want to learn how to make the cool polish design above, watch the video or keep reading!

- Disposable cup (it will get super dirty)
- Nail polish colors you want on the pattern
- Toothpick/ Orange Woodstick
-Tape/ Vaseline

1. Get some room temperature water in a disposable cup.

2. Cover your cuticles and everywhere around your nails with tape or add a coat of Vaseline.

3. Unscrew the lids of all your polishes for easy use and then taking your first color, drop one drop into the water (it should spread).

3. Taking your next color, drop another drop on top of the previous color and so on.

4. Once you have enough rings of color (its up to you to decide), take your toothpick and draw the design you want onto the rings in the water.

5. Take 2-3 fingers and dip them into the design that you drew!

6. Do the same with all your fingers and your done!

Certain nail polish brands don`t work for this because the polish doesn`t spread in the water. Brands that have worked for me and others are China Glaze (the best), OPI, Essie, Ulta, Zoya, Piggy Polish, and all Sally Hansen polishes. There are other brands out there that probably work so its up to you to see what works for you!

Good luck trying this and remember, it takes a long time to get use to! Now that you`ve seen the result and learned about the steps of how to water marble, its up to you to decide: Hot or Not?

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