Water Marble Nail Art!

4 years ago

- Seche Vite Base Coat
- American Apparel Peacock
- H&M White on White
- Dotting tool
- A small bowl or disposable cup
- Room temp. mineral water
- A toothpick
- Scotch tape
- Q-tip
- Nail polish remover

1. Prep nails by applying base coat.
2. Apply white polish only on your accent nail.
3. Protect finger and cuticle area of accent nail by putting scotch tape around the nail bed.
4. Pour room temp. water in bowl or cup.
5. Drop a drop of the navy color first. Then the white and the navy again. You have to be really quick with this part.
6. Grabbing your toothpick make random lines which will create nice waves.
7. Picking the wave that you like, dip your finger completely in the water and leave it there. Then clean up polish around your finger with toothpick.
8. Let polish dry a bit and remove the tape.
9. Clean up edges with q- tip dipped in nail polish remover.
10. Grab your dotting tool and some white nail polish and make small dots in the blue area. And you`re done.
11. Enjoy your mani!

(Picture is mine. Please do not use)

Inspired by youtube guru: indigonova1! Please make sure to check her channel out! She has the best tutorials!

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