Water Clock Fountain in Osaka, Japan

5 years ago

Water is not just for drinking, it can be used for art or even as a clock. I know it sounds strange but people in Osaka,Japan can use a water "fountain" that has a special technology that can give them the time or entertain with different designs, almost like art.
The end result you see its also made using a technology that will control the drops and what you can see. I can`t understand exactly the technology because it seems like it is something projected into the water but i think it really is about the control of the water drops to create the effects.

No matter what the tech is, the end result is truly awesome and completely different from the most water fountains you would see out there. Im not really into fountains lol but this does catch my attention, especially the designs it creates, i think they look very cool.

I think i want to visit Japan even more now just to see this lol

<strong>What do you think of the fountain/water art?
Have you ever been to Japan?</strong>

- Picture - http://homearchitecturetrend.com/design-trend/water-clock/
- Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2XIE2v_bvI

Source link: http://homearchitecturetrend.com/design-trend/water-clock/

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