Water bottle or no water bottle, Usain Bolt(s) to a New Olympic Record in 100m Final

4 years ago

The nation of Jamaica will be celebrating as star athlete Usain Bolt raced to an Olympic record 9.63 in the 100m final. Fellow countryman, Yohan Blake, finished 2nd while USA`s Justin Gatlin finished 3rd. Although Bolt broke the previous Olympic record that he set in Beijing in 2008, the start of the race was a bit overshadowed by a spectator in the crowd who launched a water bottle into the field as runners were set. Thankfully, the act did not impact the outcome of the race.

Runners, especially those who compete in the 100m, go through pre-race rituals and routines to get themselves prepared and psyched for their race. A slight whistle or a piece of garbage tossed into the field can disrupt the competitors` stances. The most important detail is that in track and field, there is a one-and-done false start rule meaning if you false start, you`re automatically DQ`ed. Flashback to the 2011 World Championships where Bolt was disqualified from competition for a false start which led to fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake to claim the title.

Some may view the act of throwing a bottle into the field of competition as childish and the punishment should only be a slap on the risk. However, when milliseconds separates a gold medal from a silver or not getting on the medal stand especially in the Olympics, these acts should be treated as heinous and a stiff punishment should be handed down.

Were you amazed by Bolt`s feat or did the spectator`s act take away from the luster?

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