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I have been a HUGE fan of water bobble since I got my first bottle almost 2 yrs ago. I love the idea of the water bobble and the fact that they`re great quality. basically - one water bobble (the smallest one is 13oz) can be used up to 300 times. let`s do the math now, one regular 8oz bottle of water where I live is about $1.25 whereas the small bobble is only $8.99 BUT you can use it 300 times before it`s time to change the filter which is only like $7. yeah, it`s a good deal all right.

so now on to the haul. I contacted them about the hard shell lunch boxes they launched last year because my son broke his and my daughter can`t really use hers since you know, monkey see monkey want. I was looking for just one replacement and they were awesome enough to send me two which you know, made my day. they also included 4 new filters. I swear this company has the most amazing customer service ever, they have won numerous awards, their products are absolutely fantastic, I just love them.

on to some other goodies now. they were running an earth day promotion where if you spent $30 they would send you a water jug for free, hell yeah I jumped on it !!! I ordered more filters because you can never have too many and a brush specially made to wash the bobbles, and oh yeah, I got me a blue water jug - works the same as a britta one but I like this design way better LOL

anyways, I can honestly say it pains me to buy a regular bottle of water from a store when I know I have my bobble. my kids have gone from drinking three of the little ones a day to two of the 18oz ones. they carry them everywhere they go which makes me one happy ass mom because water is best. I will be a faithful customer for many years to come !!!

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