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4 years ago

Is scheduled to be published Combating Terrorism Center, College and West Point, 17 original document on the Internet at nine am EST of the United States. The documents are among more than 6 thousand original document, found stored in five computers and hard drives and more than 100 storage device, an elite U.S. forces, exports from the home of bin Laden after the killing in the Abbottabad of Pakistan. Said Michael Premngham, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with the documents annexed to it a translation in English, without reference to the number of documents published will be available, but only by pointing out that some of them will remain secret for security reasons and operational. U.S. officials described the documents as the largest collection of information to a senior terrorist leader be confiscated include digital files and video and audio formats as well as other publications.  Analyst, said point person on terrorism in CNN, Peter Bergen, who was briefed on some of these documents during the preparation of his book, Stalking: Ten years of searching for bin Laden from 11/9 to Abbotabad: The documents paint a picture of someone who was delusional belief that he can still organized by the imposition of changes to U.S. foreign policies in the Muslim world, that only managed to launch another attack on the United States great. The documents also reveal al Qaeda had been exposed to a disaster after another, and advice from bin Laden to the leaders of the movement of the young Somali distancing the movement from the rule and not offered as part of a terrorist network, to enable them to obtain financial contributions. And publication of documents comes a day after the first anniversary of the death of bin Laden in a raid by U.S. special forces targeted the home of the Marines in the Abbottabad near the Pakistani capital. Published United States - Thursday - many of the documents obtained during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan last year, on the Internet. The network CNN of America that`s Counterterrorism Center of the Military Academy at West Point is the published papers on its website, and that the papers published documents of more than 6 thousand a document obtained by the elements of the Special Forces, Sales of the Navy America during the raid on the compound of bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May of last year. The documents reveal that bin Laden`s work until his death on the organization of a major terrorist attack in the United States even when he was walking groups which are connected by the use of the name is far from the terrorist network so as not to attract a lot of enemies. The documents show that bin Laden understand very well that the name of the rule has faced major problems especially for the murder of the group and its subsidiaries for many of them civilians, and that he advised the commander of a group young people not to know his group as part of a terrorist network even more does not affect the enthusiasm of donors to provide financial support.

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