Washing Brushes w Hand Soap

4 years ago

I don`t know about you guys, but I have A LOT of brushes (over 100 total, I think), and I seriously dread when it comes time to wash them because it takes me FOREVER to get through them all! This is why I keep putting it off, but eventually, I run out of all clean brushes to use lol

I know there`s ton of great makeup removers specifically for brushes from high end (Mac) to low end (ELF), but I never really used any of them because ever since I started to use brushes, I used my regular hand soap to wash and clean them!

I`ve heard tons of people say how using hand soap is not good for washing your brushes, but I have a hard time believing that since I`ve been using nothing but regular hand soap to clean all of my brushes for just under two years now, and I`ve not once experienced a problem with my brushes deteriorating in quality in the slightest.

It`s good to note that the majority of my brushes are high end. My brushes are worth maybe $3,000 (I`ve accumulated throughout the years), so I know how important it is to take care of them, but hand soap works just as well.

After I clean them, I dry them with what I think is the best beauty invention ever: Sigma Dry `n Shape. This thing is amazing! Even my most densest brushes completely dry in a matter of a few hours, and then they`re ready to use all over again! :)

So yeah, that`s about it! What`s your brush cleaning routine look like?


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