WARNING! Is your makeup safe?

5 years ago

Did you know that there may be harmful ingredients that AREN`T listed? I hope every reader on LUUUX reads http://shine.yahoo.com/green/heavy-metals-found-many-cosmetics-not-listed-labels-194900866.html posted by Yahoo! to know what you`re may be putting on your face. I was a bit shocked to hear that there were traces of lead or other heavy metals in some of these products (brand names and all) and it worried me whether I should continue to use the products I have or throw them out. (I find it so sad I can`t just throw them away for the sake of my health! D:) Although we can`t tell if there are heavy metals in the brands we use (since they`re hidden from us), there are sites listed in the article you can go to to see if a product is safe or not. Higher end brands aren`t excluded from these harmful ingredients either. Just because you pay more doesn`t make it any safer. Just as a word of caution to all the beauty enthusiasts out there to beware of the makeup you buy and where you buy them, especially from online sites or eBay. If these makeup products sold in our stores have traces of lead or other heavy metals then the ones sold online would probably have higher concentrations since there`s no regulations. (Image is from the article in the source link) makeup beauty

Source link: http://shine.yahoo.com/green/heavy-metals-found-many-cosmetics-not-listed-labels-194900866.html

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