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5 years ago

I have been on the hunt for some new maxi dresses to go into my wardrobe for the warmer months. I picked up one in a tribal print a few weeks back, but now I wanted to include some with more solid coloring to them. While we were out today running some errands, I spotted a couple. Immediately they were in my arms and I was headed for a dressing room.

Of course, my eye wander...where ever I am, be in in cosmetics, homegoods, clothing, etc. Well, I ended up also picking up a light weight top and some jean capris.

I was really trying to make myself decide between 2 colors in a maxi dress. A coral and a blue... I couldn`t, for the life of me, decide. I asked my husband which he liked better and, of course, he tells me he likes them both. Yeah, helpful... :- I ended up just getting them both. As we were leaving he decided to tell me he preferred the blue because he doesn`t like orange or coral colors. (but of course, he doesn`t ever tell me which he likes better when I ask because he says he wants me to pick what I like because I like it... not because I want him to like it, lol)

I also ended up buying the shirt and capris. I love the shirt. It is comfortable and very light weight. It is a pink-coral, loose, flowing tank with a semi racer back and an attached outer layer of overlaid lace in a cream shade. The capris are basic..nothing to explain there. I just needed a new pair.

Oh, I almost forgot! I also got these sport style bras because under most of my maxi dresses I wear bralettes. They end up just looking like a tank. You can`t tell they are bralettes at all. I don`t know if I am alone in that but if it cuts rather deep at the chest I feel that I have to wear a bit of something to cover up the girls. I`m often with my little one and being a mom I don`t think it looks right with tatas just out flying around. Well, with these maxi dresses that have the racer back, I needed to find some bralettes in that same style. I couldn`t find any that were in the same style as my previous bralettes, so I picked these up and thought I`d give them a go. I`m wondering, though, if that almost ruching bit will be obvious that it is a bralette. Only one way to find out, I suppose. Anyway, they came as a two pack and were marked down... so I figured I`d try them out anyway.


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