Wardrobe Essetials: Shoes!

4 years ago

Good Morning Lovelies! I wanted to talk today about some things that I think are essential to every girl`s closet and wardrobe! There are several different things that I want to talk about so I am going to break it up into sections! There are a few fashion blogs that I visit on a regular basis for style and wardrob tips. I also really LOVE the book "style" by Lauren Conrad! A while ago I looked at my wardrobe and shopping habbits and realized that I need to be more strategic with what I purchased. I need to find things that were versatile enough to use with several different outfits. I also realized that there were a variety of things that I needed (well, wanted...) in my wardrobe to consider it, for the most part, complete!

The first thing I wanted to go over today is shoes. There are a few different types of shoes that I think every girl should have in her closet...

-Flats. I think flats are one of the most important types of shoe you can have! They are easily dressed up or down and if the color is neutral enough they can be used with almost any outfit! I have probably 5-6 pairs of flats and I wear them on a regular basis!

-Heels. This category includes all types and styles of heels and wedges. I think it is important to have a pair of black heels and a pair of nude heels. Those can accomodate just about any outfut. BUT that doesnt mean you need to stop there! Have fun with heels! There are tons of different options that can help you express your personal style!

-Nicer Sandals. As much as I love shoes, if I am going somewhere boring like the grocery store I wear flip flops. Heck, I even wear flip flops around the office sometimes! But I cant always wear them. So when I get in those moods where I refuse to wear shoes, but I have to because I am going somewhere a little nicer I pull out some of my nicer pairs of sandals to wear!

-Flip Flops. If you have ever worn a pair of flip flops, you understand why they are necessary.

-Tennis Shoes. Although these are not always the most fun things to shop for, they are extremely important! It is good to have a nice pair of shoes to exercise in!

*picture is not mine, see source link below*

Source link: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/womens-shoes/images/10130007/title/wallpaper-women-shoes-wallpaper

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