Wardrobe Essentials: Accessories

4 years ago

In the final part of my "Wardrobe Essentials" series I am going to be talking about some different accessories that I think are very important to have in your wardrobe!

-Nice Handbag. When someone first told me that it was essential for me to have a nice purse I thought (very sarcastically...) ugh... well if I HAVE to... ;) In all seriousness though it is very impoartant to have a nice structured looking handbag to use for work, church, interviews and other structured events. Very simliar to the concept I mentioned with the winter coat in my last post, nothing ruins a beautiful professional outfit quite like a slouchy "gym" looking bag as a purse! There is a time and place for those types of bags and professional wear is not it. This doesnt mean you need to spend a lot of money it just means make sure the handbag looks structured and professional!

-Fun/Weekend Purse. Ok... this is where you can use WHATEVER kind of bag your little heart desires! If you want to use a slouchy "gym" looking bag... go for it! Go crazy! :)

-Clutch. This is a bit debateable. Out of everything I mentioned I think this is the least essential... BUT I thought I`d mention it anyways. Depending on how much of a "fashionista" you consider yourself a clutch is a great thing to have! It can really add a different element to an outfit that you wear all the time!

-Sunglasses. It is important to find a pair and style that fit your face properly and complement you! You can have multiple pairs or just one... but make sure you find ones that look right!

-Jewelry. Whether you like a lot of jewlery or just a little... I think it is very important to have a few pieces (at least) in your wardrobe. This again is another way to change up an outfit that you wear all the time! Its also a fun way to express your personality!

*picture is not mine, see source link below*

Source link: http://oceanmagazine.com/ocean/haute-accessories-your-summer-staples/

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