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For the past two years, every morning my co-worker would turn on War of the Roses at 7:45 AM and since then it`s been a `daily routine` for me. If you haven`t heard of War of the Roses - it`s a 92.5 channel broadcast radio skit station featuring Jagger and Kristi. This radio skit is to try to catch if your significant other is cheating on you.

If you believe your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or fiancé is cheating on you - you make a request and submit to be on air live. Then, Kristi will make a call and make your significant other won a dozen romantic red roses from a local flower shop, then Kristi asks who the roses should be sent to and what message should the card say. They better pick the right person but if they don`t (generally they don`t) then there comes Jagger saying, this is a radio station and the drama comes around!

If you don`t have this station and want entertainment, you should definitely listen to some stories here: http://www.magic925.com/dj/jaggerandkristi/war-of-the-roses

Do you have a radio station like this?

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